Cobb Theatre Dolphin 19 & IMAX

Address: 11471 NW 12th St
Phone: (305) 591-0785
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Category: Multiplex
Check Ins: 12564


  • Ivonne Motino

    if you wanna eat, arrive about 30 minutes before the movie starts because once the previews start they stop serving food. also, a lot of people don't know this but valet is complimentary.
  • Lisa Johnson

    Don't eat the popcorn :-/
  • Carolyn

    Cine Bistro is a 21+ movie theater with comfy seating & great food & drinks. Perfect date spot.
  • Cynthia Marie

    DONOT go on saturdays! It gets packed very quickly..if 21+ Cine Bistro is better!
  • Diego Naranjo

    This place is great, but get ready to spend $100+ between food, drinks and tickets. I love the pasta with chicken and cream sauce. It's also great to watch a movie with a drink in your hand. The 21
  • Authentic Original Gear

    Excellent place to impress a date. Great place to watch a romantic dinner and a movie with your better half also.!
  • Randy Diaz

    Buy tickets early for new premieres, it gets packed quickly.
  • Robert jr

    Super expensive, I rather just do movie date with homemade dinner at the house
  • Romy Portuondo Remior

    Hate the mall; love the movie theater.
  • Raquel Pena

    Get the Fried Oreos or Funnel Cakes........ Yummy!!
  • @SoFLBrgOverload

    Bring candy beforehand it's cheaper. Use the self checkout, get the senior ticket and save $2 they never check. Come in the afternoon or early evening less people. Park in the north end of the mall.
  • Ligia Carrión

    Be early to the theater on weekends due to the parking spaces, it gets crowded. It takes time to find a spot.
  • Johanna Faya

    The ham croquetas appetizer are really good. :)
  • Omar Terrero

    For parking always try the back of the mall. Easy and fast parking!!!
  • Minerva Ganges

    Great dinner & movie spot! Love the ham croquetas and empanadas.
  • Fred F

    Don't get anything fried. I had the funnel cake which comes pre-made and is thrown into a frier. It tasted as if the oil was rancid.
  • Hans Brid

    Popcorn is a complete failure.... Seemed like they took the popcorn and minced it. What a waste of a lot of money. Never again. If you do buy popcorn check it if you can.
  • Fernando

    Great kids free zone!
  • Chrissy Gotay

    Harry Potter! Finally!!
  • Alex Ocampo

    Come to dolphin Cobb Mon- Thursday before 7pm and it'll be peaceful for your enjoyment
  • Walter Lopez

    Don't start playing a game on your iPhone you might like it better than the movie itself.
  • D Lee

    You guys have to try this IMAX experience !!!
  • Drupe Corea

    Eat before going damn 12 dollars for a coke n nachos... Or eat a kids meal
  • Kevin Jimeno

    There is an App for
  • Minerva Ganges

    Moviegoer club card is must..I get free stuff all the time!
  • Steven Lopez

    Make sure you've eaten before you get here otherwise the concession stand will rape your wallet! Any movie after 7pm will be overcrowded..6:30pm or matinée is best.
  • Marlon Bishop

    like the energy here.
  • Shanene Wright

    No kids under 21! thank Goodness!
  • Jon Faria

    Harry Potter
  • Lissette Fernandez

    Brings new meaning to dinner and a movie!
  • Lissette Fernandez

    IMAX theater is great, and amazing to catch a matinee here.
  • Marc Kevin Hall

    The valet parking can be validated past-show at the cashier's counter.
  • Presidente Beer

    Watch Game 3 NBA Finals Heat vs. Mavericks this Sunday 6/5 @ 8pm next door at Dave and Buster's. LIVE pre-game show with 790 The Ticket and Jorge Sedano! Meet the Presidente Girls, win prizes!
  • Andy Garcia

    The sushi here sucks! Lmao
  • Maria Valdez

    Wall Street & drink with food, good!
  • Oz !

    What else can you for , food , Beer , movie. All in one place !
  • Jo

    CineBistro is a brilliant idea! I avoided the screaming children and watched Eclipse in peace! :)
  • Brandon Kirk

    I USED TO WORK HERE. The customers are simply annoying, can't understand why they rather not spend the freaking day home and we do our work bad because we get paid $7.97 and work from close to open.
  • parker jayden

    New Year's Eve 2014 Party at DAVE AND BUSTER'S Dolphin Mall - Miami, FL early @ Tuesday December 31, 2013.Grab Your Tickets @
  • Sonam Sant

    Loving the new seats in the theaters. I can finally sit comfortably ??
  • Giovanni Cano

    parking is a mess !!. Please park your car behind the mall , always parking available.
  • Jc Mounduix

    Keep yourself away from the annoying high school and middle school students. They don't know any other movie theater in Miami.
  • Addison Howell

    Theater is disgusting and clearly was not cleaned bt showings. Popcorn and trash EVERYWHERE! Management needs to get on this. Its just gross.
  • Corey Veit

    Employees clean your theater. Little bit of a ghetto
  • Alejandra Serna

    Way too many Tweens :/
  • Alejandra Serna

    They have IMAX!
  • Fred F

    Nothing healthy to drink with the kids combo. They offered HI C. Couldn't put water in a kid friendly cup. Had to be open styrofoam. Only option was to buy a water bottle.
  • Francis Suarez

    I thought popcorn was GREAT!! The ham croquettes are not bad but not a big deal.. The popcorn chicken was AWESOME!!! Try it ;) really nice attention but it is def for especial ocasions (expensive)
  • Adrian Rogers

    Beware not true IMAX!
  • Beni Mendez

    Get here early for parking. Really early!!
  • Charmaine Nottingham

    As of August 1, 2012, the theater will no longer validate valet tickets anymore :-(
  • Ben Miles

    Ivonne's tip is misleading, you do not get "complimentary valet parking." Only if you go to Cinébistro do you get free valet.
  • Janier Davila

    Park in the back by the food court. There are more parking and its the same distance to the theater thru the back or the front door :)
  • Jenniffer G

    Seats are comfy. Food is too expensive.
  • CorEy Baltzer

    Did you see the Swedish version?
  • Jesus E Muniz

    Dnt eat pocorns they super bad :/
  • Terrica Merritt

    Sit in the back to avoid people from kicking your fucking chair!!!! Annoyed
  • Arlene Linares

    Coming in the afternoon is great for lower ticket prices but you won't avoid children! It is not 21+ for matinee shows.
  • Carlos Acevedo

    Don't eat the dry Nachos. Mine burst into flames before i ate them.
  • Fran Alvarez

    Harry potter
  • Fred F

    Kids are allowed for matinee.
  • David Marin

    The food is ok, albeit pricy. Never order the booze, these kids don't know how to make a drink. :)