Group Description

Learn Filipino Stick & Knife Fighting:
Practical Self-Defense (& LOTS of Fun!)

Imagine: YOU - relaxed and composed in the face of an armed attacker.... We can't control what happens around us, but our safety will always be our own responsibility.

The Filipino martial arts offer a very practical approach to self-defense by teaching you to understand the very weapons that could be used against you on the street, as well as to defend yourself with or without weapons, even against larger or stronger opponents.

Join us and become a STICKFIGHTER today!

Check out our Instagram profile, @MiamiSTICKFIGHTER, for pics and video!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it safe?

A: Your safety, education, and enjoyment are my top priorities. Plus I have a strict "No Jerks in Class" Rule. -=]

Q: How practical is this? I mean, who carries sticks around with them all the time?

A: It's not really about having to carry sticks around with you. You'll learn how NOT to panic when someone pulls a bat, crowbar, other blunt object, or even a knife on you. You'll also be more aware of what is available to you as "weapons of opportunity" so that you can level the playing field, so to speak.

Q: How much does it cost & how often are classes?

A: Right now Im offering classes because Im passionate about the arts but its not my primary business. (I advise small business owners on how to attract and keep their best, most profitable customers.)

Classes are scheduled some mornings within the week (and every other weekend) between my business appointments - you attend the ones you can make - and youre DEFINITELY getting a bargain on the price per class! Attend your first one and afterward well discuss your per class rate.

As far as the schedule - just scroll down!

Q: Where do you hold classes?

A: Classes are held in Cutler Bay at Larry and Penny Thompson Park (SW 184th Street and SW 127 Ave) or in Homestead (SW 312 Street and US-1). See our schedule is below!