The Art of Yoga - Beach Yoga

Group Description

In group we meet to explore a balance mix of all aspects of yoga and how that relates to the 21st Century seeker. Through asana (postures), pranayama (breath retention), bandha(internal energy locks), vinyasa (synchronized breath and movement), mudra (gesture), mantra (vibration), dristi (gazing point), dhyana (meditation) and philosophy we fluidly and mindfully we learn to awaken our primordial energy. This class is highly based on Ashtanga Yoga, Buddhism from the Tibetan Mahayana tradition, as well as Kundalini. A noncompetitive environment with a focus on structural alignment, adjustments, and introspection asking students to crystalize their awareness with honesty and compassion. Merging classical yoga as taught in the East with more contemporary ideas found in the West for classes that inquire students to find ease and stillness instead of strength and flexibility. We explore the charkas (energy centers), prana (life force), and auras (energy fields). Often incorporating contemporary science. Taught sometimes with thoughtful yet provoking music pre-mixed by Yogi Casino. All levels welcome.