Miami Creative Disruptors & Change Agents-Mad Abou

Group Description

"First rule of fight club, no one discusses fight club" Brad Pitt, Fight Club.

First rule of our club, everybody discusses our club. This is the group for the people who are quite simply, tired of average. You're tired of having average people & average things in your life. You're too comfortable in what you're doing now and you know there's more to do and being average is not going to get you there.

We are bringing together the creative disruptors, the game-changers, those with a voice and those with an echo. Mad About Success is for the individuals who are ready to join them in molding a more successful and fulfilled life. We are building a community that will promote, connect and support you as you step into your own Greatness.

Greatness isn't required to join, but the desire and commitment to achieve Greatness is required. We will sponsor events that we believe speak to these goals, providing you with a chance to hear from people who are already on the path to their Greatness and to join us others as they begin their journey.

We believe in the quality of the interaction, not the quantity - so our events will be geared towards a smaller but more focused & committed audience where the opportunity to network with like minded people exists.

"You must have a habitual vision of Greatness."

- Dr. Cornel West

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