The Miami Reiki & Spiritual Energy Healing Meetup Group

Group Description

Intention: For beginner through advanced Reiki & spiritual healers to practice and for people who want to receive Reiki & spiritual healing. This is an opportunity for learning and networking. Please spread the word to all who may benefit! The word Reiki means: spiritually guided life force energy. It is not a religion and has no dogma. Reiki is the high vibration energy of divine love, of the Creative Source of All. It fosters feelings of love, joy, and compassion. Reiki is an ancient healing art which: Reduces emotional, mental, or physical stress. Helps connect you with your spiritual self. Brings peace of mind and mental focus similar to deep meditation. Increases health by allowing high-frequency Reiki energy to clear, heal and balance the body. Fosters authentic personal power and confidence in self. Increases understanding of energy bodies and chakras. The word Reiki is Japanese and is used to refer to the healing method taught by Mikao Usui in the early 20th Century and subsequently spread throughout the world by students of this approach.