Shiva Kriya Yoga (SKY)

Group Description

We are a group of spiritual seekers who have been initiated in Shiva Kriya Yoga (SKY), an advanced spiritual discipline imparted by Mahavatar Babaji's consciousness through Shakti Ma. SKY is a powerful spiritual practice which utilizes the highest Yoga philosophies of Tantra and universal spirituality. This includes the transmission of practices to raise consciousness and develop inner awareness of one's true nature. Practices such as the control of the mind through meditation (Dhyana), repetition of Mantras (Japa), deep purification exercises (Tattwa Suddhi), and powerful (Kundalini) energy activation of the Chakras are all part of this spiritual path. SKY is a safe but vigorous method of transformation. The teachings of Shiva Kriya Yoga are available to everyone regardless of their religious affiliation, belief systems or cultural background. It is based on ancient spiritual knowledge that has sustained true mystical seekers from all faiths throughout human history. The purpose of SKY is to facilitate the attainment of Self-Realization, Divine Illumination and the Immortality of the spirit.