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  • FIU

    Welcome to FIU! Check in and around campus to discover FIU traditions, connect with fellow Panthers and unlock badges. Keep an eye out for specials.
  • Luis Meurice

    Spin the giant cube for good luck.
  • Lianamar Davila Sanabria

    Pick up a copy of the student newspaper, The Beacon!
  • Juan Pinillos

    Drivers at FIU need to learn how to use a traffic circle
  • Nicholas Dodd

    The coolest little wooden chairs that are covered from the sun and rock back and forth are next to the big fountain by the Graham Center. Sit there, take a load off work, or mingle w/ friends.
  • Natalie Lopez

    Parking this year is crazy. If you come after 8 am expect to wait for an hour to find parking in Gold :/
  • Christian Williams

    Live on-campus if you don't want to deal with parking! You won't need to, everything will be within easy reach and you save gas moneyyy
  • BestOf

    Winner of Best Food Court 2011. See more of the best at http://bestof.voiceplaces.com/miami
  • PaoPao Rodriguez

    The best chilling spots are by the large fountain, the lake near DM & the wooden rocking chairs
  • Nicholas Dodd

    FIU should put a order in for more of those green cabana chairs outside, by the fountain
  • @LorenzoAgustin ?

    I don't like the speed humps :(
  • Prevart Janvier

    Rush Sigma Chi
  • Alex Medina

    BK needs to serve breakfast, and these people need to learn how to drive
  • NBC Politics

    Newt Gingrich gave a lecture on Latin American Policy on January 24, 2012 as one of his campaign stops leading up to the FL primary. Get your wonk on at http://NBCPolitics.com
  • Eduardo Merille

    If you work here and eat here, you need to look into the debit card. 20% off. I average $1.50 off every meal
  • Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

    FIU Colony of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
  • Leo Villar

    Rush Sammy!
  • Christina Thomson

    Modesto Campus
  • Waqas Sheikh

    Remember where you parked or else you would be trapped here for the rest of your life
  • Brian Nieves

    Don't step on the seal in front of the GC :( you won't graduate on time!
  • Jorge Delgado

    Do not end up here twice in one day in a matter of like 5 hours. Ugh..
  • Carmen Castillo

    Careful at the Circle of death!!!!
  • Mario S

    Drop out now
  • Travis Rauh

    Come to class early. Parking is a bloody nightmare!
  • Vanessa Madrazo

    If youre running late park in visitors! Its not that much per hour & they take credit cards
  • Daniel Convers

    People here need to learn how to drive!
  • Gabo

    Fiu bookstore: the easiest place to *get* a book
  • Emmanuel

    Check out all videos/photos dropped at this venue @ http://pikchur.com/timeline/foursquare*69238/"
  • Newt Gingrich

    Here for the Latin American Policy Speech. Thanks for coming!
  • Erin

    Take a picture with the meme generators!
  • Jesse Flocka-Flame

    Step on the school seal and tell them you defied the odds at graduation. =]
  • Fer

    A 3 aos que le faltan de prepa este curso le ayudara en su visin para refrendar su gusto por el diseo o otras instancias GRAN UNIVERSIDAD
  • Evelin Suarez

    Phi Sigma Sigma is the Best Sorority on campus! ?
  • Breghon DJ Bre Wesley

    Beautiful campus! DJ Bre was here!
  • Rafael Perez

    Rush Sigma Chi
  • JB

    Parking sucks as we all know. Avoid it as much as possible
  • Mauro Bagnariol

    Back to skewl to attend my American Govmt. Class, blahhhh........
  • JB

    Want to avoid traffic? Ride a bike
  • Vanessa Madrazo

    On Wednesdays during the semester check out the Farmer's Market and free yoga classes behind the library facing DM
  • Roman Corrales

    Rush Sammy!
  • Arlene Ceballos

    Late night and sleepless nights. Become friends with Starbucks :)
  • FSU Digital Arts

    If you're interested in film or digital animation, follow me to learn more about the new FSU Animation & Digital Arts program located in West Palm Beach, FL
  • Jose G.

    Excelente universidad bien organizada!
  • Chevrolet Volt

    Test drive an electric car with extended range known as the Chevrolet Volt today from 9:30-11:30am in Parking lot #5
  • Jose Manuel Martinez Fernandez

    Mosquitos everywhere!! Feed the big turtles over the bridge
  • @SoFLBrgOverload

    Amatures and morons house.
  • @SoFLBrgOverload

    Rush my pi pi.
  • Bernita Camarota

    Great to see my stepson graduate. Parking was horrible!
  • Whitney Olmo

    Armark and Jamba Juice r survival!!!
  • Reynaldo Puerto

    In class, learning Japanese! Hahaha~ ?????~
  • Maria Carolina

    Time to go spin the cube! It's finals week next week!
  • Jake Hunter

    Go play basketball after 10PM ;)
  • Crazy

    Traffic after 3 is not that bad when looking for parking but leaving at that time is hell
  • evelyn victoria

    two more weeks!!!
  • Zach Gray

    FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @ZACHGRAYDESIGN and all my fellow FIU'rs if you are in need of a photoshoot or graphic design hit me up!
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