Dadeland Mall

Address: 7535 N Kendall Dr
Phone: (305) 665-6226
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  • Perry Ellis

    Check out the latest styles from Perry Ellis at Macy's.
  • 1000 Ponce

    Dadeland Mall is among the top Malls in Miami, Fl. Just going for a quick shop, or walking, or taking the family out for dinner, Dadeland Mall has it all!
  • Albert H

    Go to Finishline for all of your shoes and athletic apparel... They are the most reasonable and friendly!
  • Daniela Cuevas

    One of the best one stop shops for all your purchasing needs.
  • JamesBrownInMiami

    Dadeland Mall is largest mall in Miami, Fl. Just going for a quick shop or to grab a bite to eat. Dadeland Mall has it all you want and need,
  • Jesus Velazquez

    Parking is a madhouse on the weekends, go early to avoid the rush.
  • Diego Naranjo

    Some good shopping can be done here...they also have one of the better Macy's in town. Park in the structure behind the mall for less hectic access.
  • Ana Diaz

    They have done an awesome job at this mall. It's beautiful, clean and seems not as crowded as it use to be. Better quality stores than other places and hand sanitizer stations.

    La mejor opcion para el postre son Los Churros ! ChurroMania en el Food Court
  • Beni Mendez

    My 2nd favorite mall.
  • Luis Torrealba

    Simon Mall Free WIFI WIN
  • Jose Rojas

    Check in here three times and they'll give u headphones!
  • Claudio Ka

    O melhor shopping - Na Macy's - marcas mais caras a preo de banana claro procurando cabide por cabide tem que passar o dia inteiro!
  • Adriana Vazza

    Muy buenas tiendas, bastante agradable recorrer lo , la feria de comida es buena .Si quieres comprar ropa de calidad el Aventura y este son los ideales . Me fascinan .
  • Rafael Fuster

    Enjoying the view
  • Jeff Ansari

    This place is one more store-that-sells- churros away from being too ghetto
  • Lucas Blanco

    Number of book stores here: zero! Way to go!
  • HEAT Admin

    HEAT Fans lined up to greet the players at the Cubavera section in Macy's Dadeland Mall. Udonis Haslem and Mario Chalmers were in the house to sign autographs & mingle with fans.
  • Victoria Labarta

    Oldie but a goodie. Great selection of shops both high end and discount. Can't wait for the LUSH to open in June!
  • Elianet Gonzalez

    Park in parking garage!
  • Allexpeditions Travel Vacation Destinations

    all in one
  • Chris Adeleke

    Hands down! Dadeland Mall is one of the best malls in the nation! If you are interested in living at one of the nearby luxury highrises, call Chris Adeleke with Cervera Real Estate @ 305.793.0072
  • Dadeland Mall

    Want more information about Dadeland? Go to or check us our on Facebook!
  • Jay Gonzalez

    In an earlier lifetime I used to work as a retail manager, and the best time to find deals/rarities is during inventory..all kinds of treasures get dug out and priced below cost.
  • I Dee

    Nordstrom, Saks, Macy's - need I say more ;)
  • Stephanie Parks

    Saved 20% with a coupon found on this app: iphones:, android:
  • Joanne Jennings

    I always check this Coupon App for free in-store coupons iphone:, android:
  • Ana Lucia Addor

    Abercrombie sempre tem coisa legal. E loja da Microsoft e da Apple
  • alexa Parra

    Free gift wrapping provided by Great Expectations by Christ Fellowship
  • Wallace Alves

    Abercrombie, hollister, Apple store
  • Andrew Cassidy

    Check out the new Kendall Wing!
  • Pri G

    I love the baby stuff at zara. Its a must see for parents with little fashionistas.
  • Jose Nazoa

    Buen lugar para pasar un rato de compras...
  • Mariano Papalia

    El mejor jopping de Miami!!
  • Dan W

    Don't bother asking questions at customer service. They don't even know what stores are in the mall.

    Come by Nordstrom's to see the latest menswear high street fashion from Topman.
  • Jason C

    Part of growing up in Miami is playing in the carpeted circle pit
  • Jonathan Larusso

    Visit Lancome @ Macy's be sure to let Johanna give you a make over!
  • Martin R

    Too many miamins here
  • Paula Flassca

    Almorzamos en el patio de comida. En tango grill. Muy bueno !!!!!
  • Junior E.A.Durando

    Im so glad to come back here !!!
  • Maria Francisca Morales Barros

    Excelente mall con una gran cantidad de tiendas y siempre con buenos descuentos. Puedes encontrar Victoria Secret, Apple, Sephora, Free People y Bath and Body Works, adems de mil tiendas ms!
  • Simone Shepherd

    This mall has valet service. It's big with many stores and to get any shopping done you have to do lots of walking. The stores are scattered all over. Avoid this mall at high time as it's chaos.
  • Nicholas Ostermann

    The new wing at dadeland mall is amazing. Everyone should check it out
  • Max Santa Cruz

    Muchas mejoras y muy completo
  • JC Garrido

    Shop Hi-Wi !!!!
  • Divis Aviles

    Macy's have a lot Discounts between or from 25% - 55% and 'til 75% Off
  • Dadeland Mall

    Checking-in to over 185 stores can take a toll on your phones battery life! Take a break by recharching your phone (and yourself) at one of our four convenient charging stations throughout the mall.
  • Dadeland Mall

    Hint: Dadeland Malls style expert will help outfit you in the latest fashions this holiday season! Contact or text ADVICE37 to 74666 to take advantage of this complimentary service!
  • lorena ponce

    Correction fashion event
  • Mario Ugarte

    De todo en un solo lugar !
  • Dadeland Mall

    Fast, Fun, Free...did you know that Nordstroms Personal Stylist service is complimentary?
  • Ana Leticia Lopes

    Parking is the worst ever at this place. I try to avoid Dadeland at all costs.
  • Michelle Lomeli

    Aroma espresso must be on your to go list. Nice place
  • Manuel Prades

    - Best mall to shop in Miami
  • Pri G

    Cant wait until the new area is open
  • Michael Cirillo

    Don't park at Macy's valet and expect them to be there after 9:30 pm.
  • Michael Cirillo

    Come during the week and the shopping can be good.
  • Alejodedor

  • Fede Marcello

    Parking is always full good mall good brands
  • Virginia Pereira

    Excellent coupons just for 3 check in!!! I love foursquare!
  • Denysse Perez

    Macy's always has the latest fashion brands on Women's and Men's.
  • Edward Escobar

    Looking to live close to the mall, near public transportation, and night life? Call me for more info rent or buy - 305-215-5952
  • Juan Carlos Sanchez Hdez

    Una tuenda grande
  • Small Fry Schools

    Kids have so much energy! Small Fry Schools offer FREE VPK programs to let your child play while youre at work!
  • Joshua Lee

    Ah ha. Now I found out where all the white people in Miami are hiding...
  • Adele Robinson

    Victoria secret has great sales!!!
  • Noel Barcellos

    Nice mall with a lot of good selections of things to buy. Food court is nice with more than just Asian food. Seems like Chic fila is the hot spot. Santa clause is there as of 11/29/11 taking pics.
  • Tuccia Di Capri

    Shop Henri Bendels in Mall, Then head to south beach for your custom-made SANDALS. Vogue, Oprah, Adrianna Lima, Venus Williams, Brooke Shields love our sandals. Shop at Tuccia Di Capri Pennsylvania AV
  • Chris G

    Nice mall. Decent sized food court.
  • Nikolas Khan

    Takes an entire day to go through Macy's here. Gotta love it!
  • Doyin Akinwole

    Subway here sucks
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