Miami International Airport (MIA)

Address: 2100 NW 42nd Ave
Phone: (305) 876-7000
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  • Richard Gregory

    Recommended: If you've just travelled from Chicago and you have a son called Kevin, then please make sure that he's with you. If not, he's probably in NY fending off burglars at your brother's house.
  • Travel Channel

    Getting into the city of Miami from the airport is cheap... and you can be at the beach in less than 30 minutes! As seen on Travel Channels The Layover with Anthony Bourdain.
  • National Post

    Peter Worthington: At some point maybe now we have got to amend airport security and start profiling those likely to blow the damn plane up not patting down three-year-old children. Read more:

    Features exhibits by emerging artists throughout the terminals. Visit Cuban restaurant La Carreta (Concourse D), sample the roasted pork and black beans and watch folks go by.
  • @KayeNW

    Wear comfy shoes and be ready to hike. Wherever you got dropped off... your gate/plane (or car if you just landed) is miles away.
  • SkyMall

    When you travel from the Miami airport, consider using Secure Wrap Baggage Protection Service. The blue wrap protects your bag from mishandling, damage and rain. It only cost $9 to wrap one bag and ki
  • 30 Minutes Or Less

    Getting hot and bothered by the security line? Just be glad they fixed that air conditioner. #DontBlowIt
  • Junie Lee

    Don't fly American. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)
  • SkyMall

    The D terminal in Miami Airport is massive, now that the construction is finished. It has 60 gates, so to get to your destination faster, use the new Miami Skytrain.
  • Faye Ibars

    Beware of the American Airlines bag sizers and the carry-on police!
  • Rob Morrison

    Fly out of Fort Lauderdale instead!
  • Eve C.

    If you're flying from the D or E terminals, be prepared to WALK!

    Welcome to Florida! Check out our mobile website for Florida travel tips on the go! See where to stay & play with our "what's near me now" feature,
  • Jose Rentas

    Go to La Carreta for some awesome Cuban cuisine!
  • Dancing Astronaut

    I'm in Miami, bitch!
  • Chevrolet

    Don't forget where you parked! Try to mark where you parked your car on your cellphone or parking ticket. Have a great flight!
  • Lufthansa

    Welcome to Miami! Bienvenidos a Miami! Discover Miami with Lufthansa: our travel report will guide you. Enjoy!
  • SkyMall

    If your in the Miami Airport, don't miss La Carreta Cuban Cuisine by gate D37. Try the Ropa Vieja with plantains and rice coupled with a Cafe con Leche Coffee for a perfect meal.
  • Taryn Pisaneschi

    prepare yourself for a humid sauna when you walk out of baggage claim!
  • LAN

    DICA PARA OS BRASILEIROS: Vai fazer uma conexo no aeroporto? Aproveite os servios que ele oferece: cmbio, correios, Wi-Fi, farmcias, alm de um posto de informao ao turista e uma galeria de arte
  • Cilt & Co.

    If your path takes you through Terminal H, be sure to check out the colorful Caryb Murals. And for those traveling via Concourse D, note that there is a Skytrain that shuttles passengers around.
  • @steveGOgreen

    You are traveling somewhere.... Always great to travel to new places and NetUpNow. Making connections happen every day
  • Brian Breslin

    If you aren't from Miami grab a cortadito and a pastelito from la carreta
  • Andy Cocker

    Quite possibly the worst international airport I've been to, anywhere. Shite shops/ restaurants and full of fat, rude people.
  • Miami New Times

    Welcome to Miami! Bienvenidosa Miami! Hungry for some authentic Cuban food or looking to party until the break of dawn? Let be your guide.
  • Matthew Dybwad

    Don't fly American.
  • Perry Ellis

    Business or Leisure Travel? Perry Ellis has you covered with stylish suits & dress shirts that travel well. Sport our comfortable, casual looks when you unwind. Work or play, travel with Perry Ellis!
  • Tera Kubiliun

    This airport sucks! Go to FLL instead.
  • Eater

    Top Dining Options: Beaudevin, Cafe Versailles, Lorena Garcia Cocina, Icebox Cafe, and Sushi Maki are all located in Terminal D; Casa Bacardi, Terminal E, Second Level, Central Terminal.
  • Eve C.

    Heaven forbid your flight arrive early! You'll just be stuck on the tarmac waiting for a gate.
  • Meyvemix Juice

    Welcome to Miami :)
  • Brickellinfo

    Brickell is filled with great restaurants and bars. Enjoy where the locals hang.
  • Maritza

    Skip check-in at the desk, do it at curbside for just a tip and 3 min - security for international fligthts on the otherhand is chaos.
  • miamism

    Whether you're arriving or leaving Miami, check out for local events, news and everything Real Estate
  • Daniel Nogueira

    The best place in the world for airlines to lose your luggage
  • Jo

    Arrive early, check-in & security lines are usually long. Expect delays (arriving & departing) and pack necessities in your carry-on, they're known for losing luggage.
  • Amanda Andert

    Confusing, rude, inefficient, and btw don't fly American they take no responsibility for stranding you
  • Todd Newton

    Chili's To Go is a sham! Hit up La Carreta instead!
  • Lorcn

    Avoid the Starbucks kiosks and hit up a Versailles or La Carreta for some amazing coffee [and great Cuban food too]. Get a pastelito while you're at it.
  • JLPR

    Welcome to Miami! Bienvenido a Miami! Miami is also known as "the 305" and 3:05 p.m. is also our official Cuban coffee break time! Indulge in some local culture and @305cafecito!
  • Ceci Colmenares

    Vale la pena esperar y comprar productos de perfumera en el Duty Free, muy buenos precios =)
  • @MisterHirsch

    A lot of movies have been filmed here. Many of those movies are about the mob or drug dealers, go figure. Welcome to Miami!
  • Peter Shankman

    If you're flying CO, be aware that there's no P-club here, and options are WAY limited in Term H for food, electrical outlets, and the like.
  • Chad Cohen

    Cafe con leche and croquettas. Breakfast of Miami champions at Versailles or La Caretta.
  • Brett Ettinger

    No free wifi, and the pay as you go option is pretty slow
  • Pietro Inmutates

    Para ir a praia pegue o bus que o preo e $2,50 que te deixa miami beach, pegue o no final do trem do aeroporto.
  • Marissa Rubin

    Learn Spanish when u come here. No one speaks English
  • The Transit Navigator

    The Miami SkyTrain is great for travelling between the terminals!
  • Marcel Campos

    Aeroporto chato e ruim para os padres americanos, mesmo assim infinitamente melhor e maior que qualquer aeroporto no Brasil. Estamos ferrados para a Copa e Olimpadas.
  • Eddie Ortega

    La caret at gate cafe and croquetas
  • Savvy Stews

    My favorite hangout at MIA is Beaudevin for a mimosa, Don Shulas for a burger and the Ice Box Cafe for a feast!
  • Anibal Manzano

    Go to versailles. Get a cuban coffee & an empanada (beef pastry), and enjoy a caffeine rush!!!
  • Kyle Daley

    Nicely put, this place is a hell hole.
  • Aubrey Swanson

    Get some Atelier Monnier macarons, Cuban coffee, and take the metro rail to/from the city for $2.50 instead of cabbing. It's quick, easy, and convenient.
  • Danielle FTV

    Watch what line you get in during customs check. The customs officer will pull a Jack Bauer and interrogate the heck out of you. I hate this airport. Don't fly AA either. They will f@ck up everything.
  • Visit Philly

    Hey traveler: thinking about your next trip but want to cut down on airport hassle? Philadelphias just a direct flight away from Miami International Airport.
  • Analu Mass

    Believe all the tips on this place. This place will really test your patience. If you can make it out of here succesfully, you can conquer the world.
  • Luis Benitez

    The skytrain is now open. Fastest way from D50 to E gates
  • Boberto Patricio

    La Carreta is the only choice... nom nom : P
  • Nancy Ortega

    Make sure you're polite to the staff or they won't help you.
  • Melissa Billings

    Go to La Carretta for the best airport Cubans food ever! Its located near gate D35
  • Igor Guerrero

    if you go to D30+ you have to walk like 2 miles :-)
  • Patricia Brant

    Se vc estiver viajando de American Airlines e puder entrar no Admiral Club um lugar legal para descansar e esperar sua conexo
  • Michael Tieso

    The admiral lounge costs 50. Worth it! Great for long layovers, cheaper than hotel, unlimited coffee, drinks, etc. also has showers. And you get two drink tickets an free wifi. Fantastic deal.
  • Jet Airways

    Don't miss the fabulous South Beach. A classic Miami hot spot which offers everything from sun bathing to shopping to partying!
  • Susherito San

    Estaciona o aparca siempre en la planta superior... Es ms fcil, no hay trafico
  • Paolo Pincente

    Save the date. Miami Beach Gay Pride 2012. Sunday April 15th, 2012. MBGP2012.COM
  • ChatChowTV Giovanny Gutierrez

    Welcome to MIA. Check out http://ChatChow.TV for the latest on where to dine and drink!
  • AMMAR 33 ??

    Lovely City ?
  • Miss Nine

    make sure to download the new Nine Sessions podcast for free on iTunes or here: before you depart to your next destination. Happy listening!
  • @LorenzoAgustin ?

    Check out the family of birds living on the indoor potted tree behind the customer service desk next to Gate E5! :)
  • Jeffrey Pujals

    The new south terminal is quite nice. Huge improvement from the center terminal. Great food ct and even a hugo boss store.
  • JLPR

    Make sure to have your cafecito at 3:05, Miami's official Cuban coffee time! #305cafecito

    Fish designs

    "VideoShoot" a couple weeks ago, Hawaii to Miama then Japan now I'm back in L.a. mmmuuaaaah!
  • @24K

    Going on a cruise & renting a car the day before? Alamo has a bus to the port after you drop off your car. If you rent a car on your return, there is a Alamo bus ride back too.
  • IZATRINI .com

    Dolphin parking is the best
  • Gordon Valentine

    La Carretta by D40 great food!
  • George Diaz

    If possible don't check bags at MIA, baggage claim here takes FOREVER
  • Eschel Hamel

    Avoid this airport!
  • Jonathan Lin

    Avoid this airport like the plague

    I'm not a big fan of MIA as its not that easy to get around if you have to switch airlines. Good airport to come through if you are heading to South America but for domestic travel go FT Lauderdale
  • Fins and Fluke

    Welcome to Miami! Make sure you have a reusable aluminum water bottle with you- it gets hot down here!
  • Alita Gonzalez

    Try getting on a plane. They actually fly in the sky really fast. They have seats that recline and people to Sometimes there's even food.
  • Patrick Faust

    Hotties everywhere!
  • #thehallergroup #wesellalifestyle @wearemidtownmiami #yourpartnerinmiirealestate

    Looking to Buy, Sell or Lease in South Florida? Call The Haller Group today direct: 305.815.3279! We look forward to working with you!
  • Holli Porreca

    Asian veggie burger salad at The counter is delicious! So glad to get some nice food before my flight.
  • iHeartRadio

    Need music for your trip? Download the iHeartRadio app for free on your iPhone, iPad and Android for access to over 1,500 real radio stations from across the country & create your own!
  • Aprendi

    La palabra del dia es "espontaneidad"! Elige un destino, subete al avion de AA, y echanos los cuentos en el nuevo Facebook App de Aprend. Crea tu perfil hoy mismo!
  • D F

    living the dream!!!
  • Emerson Damasceno

    You are in Miami! Enjoy the heat!!! ;) by @emersonanomia follow me on Twitter!
  • Victor Neves

    Go to a store call BRITTO near gates D40...amazing brazilian artist
  • Brian Klein

    Get out of here as fast as you can
  • Jet Airways

    Must visit: The Everglades, the largest subtropical wilderness in USA. A wonderland for wading species such as spoonbills, egrets etc. The only place in the world where alligators & crocodiles coexist
  • Jessika Gomez

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  • Daniel Tewfik

    Have you ever wondered why you have to turn your electronics off during takeoff? Read here for the answer:
  • Jeffrey S

    New AA terminal D is beautiful
  • iHeartRadio

    Looking for a great radio station to listen to while you're in the area? Try Y100 - an iHeartRadio station!
  • NPR

    Welcome to Miami! If you want to listen to the local NPR station, turn your dial to FM 91.3 (WLRN) or FM 88.9 (WDNA). Enjoy your trip.
  • @LorenzoAgustin ?

    Ugh. I hate this airport. Worst terminal design & such a hassle being here. The lost tourists & foreigners make things so much more crowded & slower. Fly out of FLL, it's so much better.
  • Atilla Bingl

    Welcome to Mayami :)
  • Selda Kirkan - Realtor

    Looking for real estate in Florida? Call 9543056424 to find out more about the inventory and market trends.
  • debra11

    If you are leaving early from the E gates... Enjoy your coffee before you go though security. This dark little gate section is barren... Not a Starbucks (or alike) in site.
  • Millie Lopez

    The whole airport.....wepa
  • Mariela Martinez

    Don't seat near any phaaceuticals sales reps! They talk a lot of sh$&t
  • Alexander Schek

    Be patience. MIA baggage claim is slow and sucks big time!
  • Leila

    experincias no MIA q podem ajudar algum: wifi no funciona; no h loja Mac cosmticos. E, mesmo para um dutyfree, estoque fraco de bons perfumes e rayban sunglasses. O q tem de bom? Atendimento.
  • JD

    ? Arrive early, bring your patients, be nice, watch your stuff. ?
  • GayHills GayHills.Com

    This airport has #GayHillsStyle - GayHills.Com @GayHills
  • Aymee Zubizarreta

    Want a quick cafe con leche, pastelito to go b4 u board? Cuban cafe - creatively spelled "KU-VA" is just what your tastebuds are asking for. Buen Provecho! Enjoy!
  • Ingrid B

  • chRisto Rein

    Sky train in terminal/concourse D is running- but make sure it's going in the direction u want to go!
  • Amanda Morandini

    A internet no carrega o facebook!
  • Clon

    Rumbo a Trinidad
  • Ana Mello Fiuza

    The staff used to treat us badly. But things are changing. Brazillian people are now appreciated.
  • Conz Preti

    Starbucks is next to D12
  • Kiratiana

    If you are flying American Airlines and are at D40-60 gate, leave enough time to get to the gate!!!!
  • M Beatriz

    Be careful... Airplanes on the runway...
  • Jonathan Wegener

    Can't believe you checked in here lol. What a nerd. Anyway, you guys ready for a really fun weekend?
  • Stephanie Lichtenstein

    Sushi Samba serves breakfast now they are just a bit slow.
  • Jason M.

    Sorry peeps... They treat the lugguage pretty rough out here... I've witnessed it first hand!
  • B-SIDE Young

    Don't forget the skywalk on the 3rd Fl #MIA, moving walkways can get you there in 1/2 the time... When they are working, LOL
  • Badrul Rupak

    Terminal D starts in Miami and ends somewhere in Cuba. I recommend wearing fluorescent short shorts and rollerblading down the terminal to reach your gate faster (you'll also blend in with the locals)
  • Galyna ?

    This was the longest walk to passport control and what seems to be the longest line I've ever seen. Green Card holders go to the same line as visitors. If no Global Entry or no citizen - get ready...

    Looking for a Miami based model?
  • Ronald Rios

    Taxi to/from Mia Beach is a fixed rate of $32. Takes 10 minutes from SoBe, if no traffic. If on a budget, & have the time, the MIA Flyer (150 line) bus runs twice an hour, takes 45 minutes, $2.25.
  • Alex Priest

    Traveling to and from MIA would be so much better if Miami had Uber. #miamineedsuber
  • Chad Gambrell

    Airport frenzy + foreigners = drink needed on plane
  • Nora Oste

    Puede ser que semejante aeropuerto no tiene free wifi no se puede creer
  • Federico Masini

    The wifi only works for iMessenger or 4square... if you try to search sth on google or facebook you have to pay!!! (?)
  • Viktor Valin

    ??? ??? ?????? ??? ??????? ? ?????????.... ? ?????? ?????? ?? ???? ????)) ????? ?????? ?? ????
  • Andrew Wiseman

    The currency exchanges don't have Haitian gourdes
  • Maria Bui

    Tell American Airlines to kiss my ass
  • Alper Cengiz

    Let's go to the South Beach and have fun
  • Petrnio Machado II

    Dammmm, im freezing!!
  • Lisa Meck

    Don't pay the $5 for the wifi. It works for 5 seconds then laughs at you for the remaining 25 while it doesn't work. Infuriating!
  • Meredith Franklin

    American Air: $90 to upgrade to First Class which includes 2 checked bags (would normally cost u $50 a bag anyway). Totally worth it for the express check in (5min vs 45min), the extra bag and room.
  • Rob Cassidy

    LeBron is with the Heat.
  • Jason

    There are exactly four outlets in this entire airport.
  • Tony Gia

    Welcome to Miami!! Check out for some free party music! Follow me on Twitter @DJTonyGia
  • Hector S

    Look at the Arrival/Display monitor before asking employees which gate your flight leaves out of. Only the ones wearing a red jacket know.
  • Emir Khuchashev

    Im in Miami bitch!
  • Stephen Parra

    Beau de vin
  • ChatChowTV Giovanny Gutierrez

    Welcome to Miami! Want to know the latest food and dining hot spots? Check out
  • Jerry Crespo

    Go to the beach!
  • Alistair Powell

    Welcome to Miami!!! We hope you love our city..... Remember Fine Homes In Miami if you want to own a piece of our sand :) enjoy!
  • Will Waters

    Try the airplanes
  • Henry Quintero

    For all you tourist make sure to visit the triangle in Opa Locka or go see the beautiful gardens in the city of Miami Gardens :)
  • Alexander Schek

    I highly recommend you to arrive drugged or drunk... Worst airport I the US
  • Todd Miller

    #10 busiest airport in the US.
  • Gables Maven

    Welcome to Miami! Are you making a stop in Coral Gables? Make sure to check us out at for neighborhood tips and information. Enjoy your stay.
  • Shawn?? Pelsinger

    Try the planes!
  • Nate Koechley

    Yep, our AA to SFO gate-changed on us, so keep an eye out for that.
  • John Bucklew

    Welcome to my airport.
  • Jeff Gonick

    High-five the guy at the newstand then buy a magazine, preferably about high-fiving.
  • Alex Moreno-Martz

    Free WIFI in front of "Jose Cuervo Tequilero" near D11
  • Jamison Ng

    Practice your Spanglish with the airport employees!
  • Elise Gina Davis

    Pay attention to the announcements. Sometimes your gate will change at the last minute and you'll only know when you look and everyone is gone.
  • Matt Murdock

    Play James Brown in the NSA, feel you up, what's that in your pocket, don't wear a headwrap line. Makes it go much faster. They should play he and MJ over the PA.
  • Claro Rangel #TimBeta

  • John $\(^o^)/$

    Huge International Areodrome!
  • Bora S

    Gelince dnmek istemedigin tek havaalani:)
  • Adrienne Denaro

    No free wifi at the airport ?!?!? What crap is this?!?!
  • Mina R

    WiFi isn't free! Outrageous.
  • Ingrid B

    If you are looking for Live Music, dinner parties, Poetry and more chk out or Tweet us at @bsideent
  • JD

    Home is where the heat is ???
  • Corrado Peig Paolucci

    Welcome to Miami!
  • Ana Crdoba

    A slo 2 horas de la llegada y las odiseas no se han hecho esperar! Jajajaja
  • Vivianne Brasileiro

    Cuidado com suas malas! L cheio de gente "esperta" querendo ganhar as coisas dos outros! Experincia prpria! Flagrei um argentino querendo passar a mo nas nossas malas!
  • William Burns

    Crazy place!!
  • Jacqui Hocking

    If you have a connecting flight, RUN!!!!! Took me 3 hours to get through immigration line, customs line, baggage collection, baggage drop off, security check.... next time I'm avoiding the US.
  • Reginald Hayward

    Taxi ride to South Beach is a flat rate of 33 dollars. 3\14\2013
  • Justin T

    I'm in Miami bitch! Hot as fuckkkkkk
  • Carlos Moura

    Vc brasileiro que acabou de chegar.Fique atento as lojas que possuem bandeira do Brasil. Espertalhes dominam estes lugares. Arrisque um pouco o seu ingles/espanhol e faa suas compras em lojas origin
  • Monik ? (??)

    My favorite airport!! Hahahaha
  • H T

    From the signage inside and out to the MIA Mover to the perpetually-under-construction roads, this is one of the most poorly designed airports in North America.
  • Anne O'Shea

    If you have to fly into this 3rd world country go AA and run don't walk to nearest Admirals Club and buy a day pass!
  • Fernando Huapaya Silva

    Si no tienes roaming activo .. paga $4.95 ( credit card ) por 30min de internet del Miami Airport y te suscribes a Boingo por un mesesito a $7.95 ;)
  • iHeartRadio

    Forgot your iPod? Don't worry! Download iHeartRadio free on your iPhone, iPad or Android to find 1,000 real radio stations from across the country or create your own!
  • Renata De Weert

    Airport is always crowded. Leave early. Still big lines!!!
  • ? Serse Seales Jr SC ?

    Never make a connecting flight mins apart. It's way to busy to even try and run to your next departing gate.
  • Eric Ranta

    Dexter was our shuttle driver.
  • Hung Nguyen

    Customs takes about an hour.
  • Rodrigo Jimenez

    Great place to land your airplane!
  • lauren Dunn

    Wear flip flops through security check point trust me!
  • Khadeeja Ali

    Admirals Club ;)
  • Adam Stanley

    Worst major airport in the US. As long as you expect that, you won't be miserable.
  • Aaron Soriano

    So big. That's what she said.
  • Nick Watts

    Good luck, Row 21!
  • Simone Zanetti

    Don't rush to collect your luggage, it will take forever anyway...
  • Danny Cabrera

    Eat some Cuban food at La Carretta in the D terminal at the Miami airport. Yummy!
  • Alex Zielinski

    what a shithole.
  • Ines P.

    When in doubt, hop on that skytrain. They've made this airport as spread out as this city.
  • Yareli Esteban

    This airport is one of my least favorite in the world. It is poorly designed and even if u take the sky train everything is fat away.
  • Jesse Reed

    United breaks guitars.
  • Luis Logreira

    Fly with american airlines!! I'll make sure ur flight leaves on time.. Promise
  • Michael Hoffman

    Try the bathroom ride, its a new adventure every time. Don't forget to try the water faucets, which are something completely new to most people here.
  • Rafael

    I'm in Miami bitch! Next stop Madrid
  • Robin Snitzer

    American airlines Rocks!! Service plus!!!
  • Kristin Norena

    Don't bother checking in online and using your phone as your boarding pass because gate H and J TSA security don't have the scanner for it.
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